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Are you struggling to manage and track your restaurant business? You can manage all tasks, orders and operations of your restaurant with just one software! Yes! With RMS, you can manage your business smoothly. Softineers is offering custom restaurant management software development services. With years of experience doing business in the restaurant industry, we know exactly what service you need. Our dedicated software team is ready to build a new restaurant management system for you.

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Softineers is a custom software development companies with an amazing team. We are a global software company doing software development in various Asian countries including USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Bangladesh. We first entered the restaurant industry in London and today we are successfully providing restaurant software, POS, website and SEO services in 50+ countries.
With our years of experience, we have a reputed image and fame for working with many renowned companies and industries. We have completed over 1500+ projects of 700 respected enterprises.

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Benefits of a Restaurant Management Software

RMS offers numerous benefits to restaurant owners and managers. Some of the key benefits include:

Increases Productivity

Restaurant Management software helps to increase your business’s productivity. You can set and track your employee's tasks, orders, and other tasks.

Track Sales

With the Restaurant Management Software, you can easily track your sales and orders. Also, you can manage the accounts and other sales operations smoothly.

Enhances Effectivity

The software also enhances the effectiveness of your employees. The owner will have a hassle-free transaction and booking system.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

The hassle-free transaction, table booking, payment methods, and online orders make your customers happy. Again, the easy and smooth service improves their satisfaction with your service.

Reduce Human Errors

With the automated and advanced restaurant management software, you can reduce the human errors. The automated service makes your work much easier and smoother.

Creative website design makes the first impression
Easy navigation converts your visitors into clients

Achieving 10X Sales Growth with Our Custom RMS

Boost your sales potential with Softineers' Custom RMS (Restaurant Management Software). Our tailored solution empowers restaurants to drive revenue growth efficiently. Seamlessly integrate mobile ordering and reservation systems to enhance customer accessibility and satisfaction. Leverage intuitive analytics tools to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviors, optimizing marketing efforts and loyalty programs. With streamlined inventory management and robust API integrations, expand your reach and revenue effortlessly. Elevate your sales strategy and propel your restaurant towards success with Softineers' innovative Custom RMS. Experience the difference and unlock new avenues for growth with Softineers.

Key Features of Our Restaurant Management Software(RMS)

A Restaurant Management Software (RMS) typically offers a range of features to help streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve customer experience.

Table Reservation System

Enables customers to book tables in advance, helping to manage seating capacity and reduce wait times during peak hours.

Restaurant POS System

Facilitates point-of-sale transactions, allowing staff to process orders, accept payments, and generate receipts efficiently.

Order Management System (Online and Offline)

Manages orders from various channels, including in-house dining, online orders, takeout, and delivery, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery.

Inventory Management

Tracks inventory levels, automates stock alerts, and generates purchase orders to ensure optimal stock levels and minimize wastage.

Menu Management

Enables easy creation, modification, and pricing adjustments of menus, including categorization and customization of menu items.

Employee Management

Streamlines employee scheduling, tracks attendance, and manages payroll, improving staff efficiency and productivity.

Integration with Payment Systems

Integrates seamlessly with various payment gateways and POS systems to accept payments securely, including support for mobile and contactless payments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Maintains customer profiles, tracks preferences, and manages loyalty programs to foster customer engagement and retention.

Account Management System

Manages financial accounts, tracks expenses, and generates financial reports to support business decision-making and financial planning.

Reporting and Analytics

Generates comprehensive reports and analytics on sales performance, inventory usage, and customer behavior, providing valuable insights for business optimization and growth.

Modules of Our Restaurant Management Software (RMS)

Dynamic Dashboard

In the dashboard of your restaurant management software, you will get all the functions of your restaurant. So, you can navigate every part of the restaurants that you need.

Production Management

With production management settings managing a restaurant's production is super easy. Therefore restaurant owners can manage production with a single setup when you set any recipe with the ingredients serving unit, variant, and price in recipe management that will automatically synchronize the production management system.

Order Management System

As a restaurant entrepreneur, the order management system will help you easily manage online and offline orders. However, handling customer orders and other order-related issues can be solved with the system.

Table Reservation

With the table reservation module, you can easily manage the table booking online and offline. Also, the restaurant owner can receive the reservation requests both online and offline.

Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS software is crucial to managing a restaurant smoothly. Also, the POS module helps you to manage smooth orders and fastens the billing process.

Food Management

The food management module makes the owner's work easier. It helps to manage the food items in just one click. Again, the module gives all the information about food such as categories, menu, variants, availability, add-ons, and many others.

Unit & Ingredients

The Restaurant Management Software helps you to manage and keep track of food items. You can also track the units and ingredients. The owner just has to update the items, units, and ingredients. It will help kitchen staff understand the measurement of the ingredients in a food item.

Shipping Method

The Shipping Method List will automatically record all the shipping types. It keeps track of all the shipping types such as online food delivery, dine-in, and pick-up.

Account Management

We include the best and most advanced automated account management system. The owner has to provide accurate information. In this way, you will get an accurate and automated financial report in just a few minutes.

Payment Method

The restaurant management software offers the most secure and smooth payment systems. It also keeps track of all critical operations such as payments, merchant IDs, credit details, etc. Again, you can keep the records of currencies, modes, and other statuses. Our restaurant management software supports various payment gateways.

Restaurant Website Setting

We integrate our restaurant management software with an amazing website. The owner can easily customize and personalize it according to his needs and interests. And the website not only helps to grow your online presence but also makes a good impression of your services.

Human Resource Management

With the human resource management module, you can smoothly manage your human power. Also, you can perform all your human resource tasks efficiently.


Process of Our RMS Development

Softineers' approach to Restaurant Management Software (RMS) development comprises several key steps:

Requirement Analysis

We engage in comprehensive discussions with clients to understand their specific needs, objectives, and operational workflows.

Design and Planning

Our experts conceptualize the RMS architecture, user interface, and feature set, creating detailed project plans aligned with client expectations.


Using cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies, our developers bring the RMS solution to life, iterating based on client feedback.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the solution's reliability, performance, and security, employing both manual and automated techniques.


Softineers manages the seamless deployment of the RMS solution, providing necessary training and support to users for a smooth transition.

Maintenance and Support

We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to address technical issues, implement updates, and ensure continued smooth operation.

Advanced Features of Our RMS

Softineers' Restaurant Management Software (RMS) stands out with its advanced features designed to revolutionize restaurant operations and customer engagement.

Mobile App Development

Softineers RMS offers a custom-built mobile app, empowering restaurants to extend their services seamlessly to customers' smartphones. The mobile app enables patrons to make reservations, place orders for dine-in or takeout, and even access loyalty programs, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

API Integrations

Softineers RMS integrates seamlessly with a variety of third-party applications and services through robust API integrations. These integrations enable restaurants to connect with popular platforms for online ordering, payment processing, and delivery services, streamlining operations and expanding reach.

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Why Choose Softineers?

Choose Softineers for expertly tailored software solutions. Our agile approach ensures timely delivery and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we build long-term partnerships to drive your business forward.



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Frequently asked questions

RMS is a web application that helps to make your business much smoother. It helps a restaurant owner to manage all his tasks with a single software. RMS automates various aspects of restaurant operations, including order management, table reservations, inventory tracking, employee scheduling, and CRM.
The development timeline for RMS varies based on factors such as the complexity of features, customization requirements, integration needs, and development resources. On average, RMS development can take several months to a year.
No, you don't need to have another POS system with the RMS. Mainly, the restaurant management software has all the features and functionalities to manage a restaurant business. You can track sales, bookings, human resources, payments, and all the things with Restaurant Management Software.
The cost of RMS development depends on factors such as feature complexity, customization, platform (web or mobile), development team rates, and location. Basic RMS solutions can cost thousands of dollars, while more advanced and customized solutions can cost hundreds of thousands or more. We charge $5000 to $100K depending on your business needs.

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