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Build a future-ready OTA software for your online travel agency. Grow your business dynamically with Softineers best online travel agency (OTA) software development service.

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Softineers is one of the top software development companies with an amazing team. Dedicated support and quality service is our first priority. We build flight booking software for travel agents to make their work easy and automated.
With our years of experience, we have a reputed image and fame for working with many renowned companies and industries. We have completed over 1500+ projects of 700 respected enterprises.

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Connect Your Flight Booking Business with the Real-time Data Storage

Flight booking businesses are connected with the GDS or Global Distribution System. GDS acts as the channel between travel bookers and suppliers. So, your flight booking system can offer real-time data to run your business effortlessly.
Moreover, GDS allows you to reduce the conflicts and disputes between you and your clients. That’s why you must integrate the GDS APIs to avoid any inconvenience.






Creative website design makes the first impression
Easy navigation converts your visitors into clients

Achieving 10X Sales Growth with OTA Software

Unlocking 10X sales growth with Online Travel Agency (OTA) software is attainable through strategic utilization of its versatile features. Seamless user experiences, facilitated by intuitive interfaces, drive customer retention and increased bookings. Harnessing data analytics, personalized recommendations create customer engagement, encouraging repeat business. Dynamic pricing strategies optimize revenue, adapting to demand and market fluctuations. Automated operations minimize errors, freeing up resources for enhanced service delivery. Integration with diverse suppliers broadens inventory, appealing to a wider audience. Effective marketing tools target the right audience, boosting traffic and conversions. Robust customer support features foster positive relationships, vital for loyalty. By maximizing the potential of OTA software, travel agencies can not only streamline operations but also tap into dynamic market trends, ensuring substantial and sustainable sales growth.

Distinct Features of Our B2C Online Flight Booking Software

Let’s check out the eminent features of B2C online flight booking software:

Passenger Registration

With our online flight booking software, we offer a separate B2C online travel gateway. Your passengers can register to the software and enjoy many premium features. It will help you to have precise information about your customers and give an amazing experience to them.

Passenger Management

We also offer a passenger management system with the OTA software. With the system, you can easily keep records of your passengers, their activities, and many other things. Moreover, the management system allows you to keep the records of both in and outbound passengers.

Booking Management

The software also allows your customers to choose the best flight to their preferences. Also, it allows them to book their own ticket with just a click.

Travel Package Booking

We also integrate the best travel packages with your OTA software. It increases customer satisfaction and helps them to choose the best option for their preferred location. Additionally, the feature allows your customers to choose the most affordable option that saves a huge travel cost.

SOTO Flight Booking

SOTO or Sold Outside, Ticketed Outside means you can book your flight ticket from a country that doesn't come between the paths of travel. For example, Suppose you are buying a ticket for the USA to Bangladesh and you are in the UK now. It is called SOTO flight booking. Our flight booking software supports SOTO flight booking and makes your journey easier.

GDS Flight Booking

GDS flight booking system is the best solution that helps your client to have their desired flight. With the GDS APIs, your OTA software will be intrigued with the global database. And it will allow you to know the real-time results. Moreover, GDS APIs help your client to have the best and most affordable deal globally.

Non-GDS Flight Booking

We also add the non-GDS flight booking service with our online travel agency software. It helps your customers to reserve non-GDS flights with the best deals. Also, non-GDS flight booking helps your clients to get the booking without the mediation of any agent. Moreover, the feature allows you to make a good bond with the local airlines and run your business smoothly.

Hotel Booking

We add the most unique hotel booking feature with the flight booking software. It not only helps your customer to have an effortless booking process but also makes your software more reliable and amazing.

Payment Gateway System

With the Online Travel Agency software, we integrate the most safe and secure financial transactions. Also, we add direct banking and other payment APIs. It not only makes the transaction smooth but also helps your customers to have a hassle-free booking journey.

Other API Integration

We also integrate other APIs to make your software better. It helps your customers to have the best user experience and make their traveling smoother.

Must-Have The Features that Make Your OTA Software Unbeaten

Regular & Real-Time Update

Real-time and regular updates make the system better. Also, it helps your customers to know the present condition of flights and bookings. Not only that, regular updates help to know the best and most recent deals of the reservation process.

Low Operational Cost

OTA or Online Travel Agency software is made of fully automated processes. Customers just need to click and book their destination. The whole process is automated and managed virtually. So, the software offers a very low operational cost and exclusive features.

Mobile-friendly UI

Your flight booking software must be mobile and other device-friendly. A mobile-friendly UI will make your software more accessible and user-friendly. Again, it will make the software easy to use and give your users a better experience.

Scalability & Flexibility

The most important feature of an Online Travel Agency software is scalability and flexibility. It helps your users to control the software easily and effortlessly. Moreover, it gives operation effectiveness with better performance.

Refunding Policy

Another must-have feature for your Online Travel Agency software is the refund policy. Through your OTA software, you will be connected to various airlines. And in accordance with their refund policies, your software must include the refund process. It will make your service more reliable to the customers.

Chatbot Integration

Your OTA software must have an integrated chatbot system. It ensures the non-stop service of your travel business. Also, the chatbot integration makes sure the 24x7 customer service makes your business more reliable.

Special Features of Our B2B Online Travel (OTA) Software

Let’s have a quick look at the best features of B2B Online Travel Software:

Agent Registration

The OTA or airline reservation software allows you to add multiple agents. And to have precise information and records, it has an agent registration system. The agents need to register themselves through the B2B web portal and wait until the admin approves.

Agent Management

With the B2B online portal of OTA software, you will be able to keep records and control your agent's activities. Moreover, the manager can control the deposits, activation, password resets, credit limit set, and other activities. In a word, you can control every step of your agents.

Agent Booking Management

Again, with the OTA software you will be able to handle and manage the bookings of your agents. Since you will have full control of your agent activities, you can recheck everything and ensure a hassle-free airline reservation system. Also, the manager can reschedule or cancel any booking of the agent.

Agent Top-up Facilities

Our OTA B2B travel software allows you to add various top-up facilities for your agents. In detail, you can book any ticket or flight with cash, bank deposit, bank transfer, SSLCOMMERZ, or any other payment gateway.

GDS API Compatibility

The GDS APIs allow you to connect the software with a real-time database. Also, it connects the agent's information with the GDS database.

GDS Flight Booking

By connecting the GDS APIs, your agent will get access to the GDS flight booking system. Along with the manager, the agent will also be able to operate the flight booking and issuing process with real-time data.

Non-GDS Flight Booking

The B2B online portal allows your agent to book and issue non-GDS flights. You can also integrate your B2B portal with the local airlines. In a word, the feature will make your agents' non-GDS flight booking much easier and smoother.

Credit Limit to Access

Again, the online flight booking software also allows the agents to have unlimited credit access. So, even if the agent does not have sufficient balance in his account, he can book tickets. But, the feature can be changed by the owner's choice.

SOTO Flight Booking

SOTO flight booking feature improves the efficiency and visibility of a business to the OTA industry. Through the feature, your agent can buy and sell SOTO tickets easily.

Payment Gateway Integration

The B2B OTA software also offers various payment methods. Your agents can pay by bank deposit, credit cards, SSLCOMMERZ, and other methods. Integrating different payment APIs makes your software more accessible and handy for everyone.


Versatile Uses of Flight Booking Software

Speed up the Sales Cycle on the Fast Track

Reduce operation costs

Accounting management

Availability check feature

Travel CRM functionality

Travel contract management

Instant purchase of services

Centralized travel booking system

Auto-general email confirmation feature

Backoffice travel booking management

Quick & efficient online travel portal

Services We Offer

Switch Into the Online Reservation System & Have the Magic Touch of Travel Technology

Web Application Development

We offer custom web app development services to develop software according to your preferences. You can customize the features and add the needful elements and features you want. Also, customized software engages your users more.

Mobile App Development

Softineers also offer mobile app development services. We help our clients to have their presence through an Android and IOS application. With the mobile app, your services will be more accessible to your customers.

API Development and Integration

We develop and integrate various and essential APIs to grow an Online Travel Agency. For instance, we add GDS APIs, non-GDS APIs, and other third-party APIs to make your software performance better.

Payment Gateway Integrations

To have the smoothest transactions we integrate multiple payment gateways. Moreover, we add direct banking and other SSLCOMMERZ APIs. However, we include various Payment APIs to save time and increase your business ROIs.

Service Details Service Details

Why Choose Softineers?

We know that success is a journey, not a destination. If you want success, you have to give your full effort and time. When you adjoin your effort and hard work that’s when you will succeed. Softineers is the best companion of your success. We offer premium services so that you can set the stage for success.

Top-Class Quality Service

Softineers always deliver the best custom OTA development services. With our result-oriented strategy and process our website ranks high on the Google search results.

Safe and Secure Development

Our service ensures the highest safety of your data and information. We include all the security features, elements, and scalability.

Support and Security

We offer one month of free post-launching support as well. Another, If you face any problem or issue while conducting the web app you can reach us.


Our affordable pricing plans

we believe in transparency as the foundation of trust with our clients.

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Frequently asked questions

An online travel agency is a cloud-based business that allows consumers to book and research flights, hotels, cars, tours, and other travel supplies. Mainly, it helps the agency to keep records and make their service more accessible. Moreover, an OTA software helps to manage the wide range of services of an Online Travel Agency.
IATA means International Air Transport Association. It is a trade association for world airlines. And they use the GDS software to maintain their work. IATA mostly uses Amadeus, Traxo, Sita, Sabre, and more.
GDS or Global Distributing System. GDS software such as Amadeus, Traxo, Sita, Sabre, and Tripadvisor allows you to connect your software to the real-time database. Precisely, GDS software helps to know the information of global bookings of airline tickets, renting cars, hotels, and others.
A good flight booking software has some essential features. The features not only help the consumers but also make the suppliers' work easier. Here are the must-have features of an Online Travel Agency software:

Passenger registration and management

Agent supporting system

GDS and Non-GDS flight booking system

B2B and B2C online portal

Multiple payment gateways


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Working with Softineers was one of the best decisions of my business life. They gave an outstanding web app development service that makes my mind go boom! Also, the team is very friendly and expert on the field.


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